We know that there is no shortage of binocular sites on the internet where you can buy binoculars online, but we’re different from other sites for a couple of reasons:

  • We’re not manufacturers or vendors trying to push a limited selection of products. In fact, we don’t care if you ever buy a pair of binoculars in your life.
  • We don’t have any particular hobby focus. Most binocular sites on the internet are run by people with very specific concerns, such as hunting, birding or astronomy. While you’ll find we develop content to cater to them all, you won’t see anyone concern be our specific focus.



The Binocular Site’s primary aim is to help you learn about the best buys, best practices and best sets of binoculars to match your needs. We’re interested in all the same things you are, and we hope to anticipate some things you might not have thought about. Some of the subjects we include:

  • Types of binoculars from compact to giant
  • Specialty binoculars for purposes from birding to hunting to astronomy
  • Binocular related products such as night vision and rangefinders
  • A 35+ page guide to all the major manufacturers, from Alpen to Zeiss
  • and much more

We think you’ll find information that is not only valuable but also interesting, as you view the pages of our site. Binoculars have a long and interesting history, from the invention of the telescope to the advent of today’s gadgets such as rangefinders and digital camera binoculars.