Although Alpen was only established in 1997, they have become widely known in sporting circles for their sports optics. Founded by Tim Gardner and Tony Proper, who both held top positions within Bausch & Lomb’s Sports Optics Division, they brought a great deal experience in the industry to the table when forming Alpen Outdoor Corporation. Their mission is to provide quality optical products at affordable prices.

Alpen binoculars have quickly gained a reputation for extraordinary value, quality, and performance. Their award winning binoculars have attracted many followers from hunters to fisherman and backpackers to racing fans. All their binoculars utilize the latest in optics technology to provide the best performance. The company is also committed to offer the best quality products at a lower price.

There are over 70 products and accessories available from Alpen. Known as an entry- to mid-range binocular, Alpen can rival the top names with their commitment to quality at a lower price. They offer a wide range of binoculars, from sporting compacts to their high-end waterproof Rainier range of rugged ultra precision binoculars. Alpen’s large selection of binoculars covers everything from compact to roof prism models to larger porro prism models, at all levels of price and quality. They also have a range of quality spotting and rifle scopes, along with numerous accessories. With such a good selection and prices, Alpen binoculars will have something to meet your needs.



Apex binoculars are produced using the latest in optics technology and the finest workmanship, providing the highest quality possible. In both bright and dim lighting, and even in wet conditions, Apex binoculars allow the viewer to see clearly. Some models even feature super close focus.

With their ergonomic design and lightweight construction, Apex binoculars allow for long, comfortable use without fatigue. Twist lock eyecups provide a wider field of view, and Apex’s superior, multi-coated glass gives the viewer sharp clarity all the way to the outer edges of the vision field. Even with all their features, Apex binoculars are affordable, and come with Alpen’s lifetime warranty.


Alpen MagnaView binoculars boast a large objective diameter, which allows for better viewing in dim light, and then lenses are fully coated. They’re ergonomically designed, with a comfort-fit grip and rubber armoring for durability. The MagnaView’s wide neck strap and fold-down eyecups provide comfort for long or frequent use.

MagnaView binoculars offer the most features for their low- to mid-price range. They perform well on a daily basis, providing high value to the sports optics user. They come with a stylish carrying case, or clam shell packaging, and are covered by Alpen’s lifetime warranty.


Pro series binoculars are available in a wide variety of models, from compact to full size, in both roof and Porro prisms. Waterproof, wide angle, and zoom models are also available. The high quality, multi-coated optics give the viewer clear, high-resolution images. The ergonomic design of the Pro Series allows for long and frequent use with little discomfort.

Pro series binoculars are top performers and offer superior features to the dedicated sports optics user. Rubber armoring provides protection and durability, while soft rubber rain guards and fold-down eyecups provide comfort during use. Along with a durable carrying case and premium extra-wide neck strap, Pro series binoculars come with Alpen’s lifetime warranty.


All the models in the Alpen Rainier binocular series are waterproof, and are made for harsher conditions. Their rugged design does not detract from their high quality features, though. Rainier binoculars are fitted with multi-coated optical components for maximum light transmission, offering bright, clear views. The nitrogen-filled body makes the Rainier series not just waterproof, but fogproof as well.

Rainier binoculars boast magnesium body construction, making them durable and shock-resistant. Their textured body allows for a comfortable grip, and the large diameter lenses provide a full field of view. The pull-up, twist-lock eyecups make long or frequent use more comfortable, and they come with a premium carrying case and quick release neck strap. Rainier binoculars are covered by Alpen’s lifetime warranty.

Sport Compact

Alpen Sport Compact binoculars are lightweight and built to endure tough conditions. But don’t let their small size fool you. Although they’re fitted with smaller prisms and objective lenses to reduce weight, they offer superior viewing that remains true, even with frequent and long-term use.

One Sport Compact model is waterproof, and another is available in a camouflage pattern for the hunter or birder who wishes to remain unobtrusive. Sport Compact binoculars are also a cost-effective choice, offering high quality construction and performance at a very reasonable price..


The newest addition the Alpen line is the Teton binoculars series. The Teton series combines the superior magnification system from the Rainier and the durable body design of the Apex, setting a new standard of quality and performance available at an affordable price. Teton binoculars offer the best value for your money.

Featuring multi-coated lenses for maximum brightness and clear viewing, Teton binoculars’ high quality lenses allow for high resolution and clarity. Waterproof and fogproof, they also have a soft rubber rain guard to protect the lenses from the elements. Large eye pieces give a full field view, and Teton models also offer twist lock eyecups and long eye relief. Along with a premium carrying case and quick release neck strap, Teton binoculars come with Alpen’s lifetime warranty.


Alpen binoculars cover many ranges to meet your sporting needs. Their ultra rugged, high-precision Rainier range, their durable Teton range, lightweight Apex ranges, and multi-pupose Shasta Ridge ranges are all waterproof. Alpen also offers a Pro range that is both waterproof and fog proof. Along with the their normal use Pro and MagnaView ranges, Alpen also has a line of sports compact models to round out their complement.


Alpen Optics have binoculars with the following magnification 7X, 8X, 8.5X, 10X, 12X and 16X. They also have a model that features 7X-21X zoom.


The objective lens sizes available with Alpen Binoculars range from 21mm – 52mm. This covers everything from the smallest compacts to full size models with different lens sizes available in all ranges.


The field of view on Alpen Binoculars ranges anywhere between 221 – 488 ft. at 1000 yd., depending on which model in which model in which range you choose. They also offer a number of binoculars that have wide-angle lenses to allow for a wider field of view than normal.


Alpen offers over 40 different models of binoculars. Along with a full range of binoculars designed for outdoor activities, Alpen also offers promotional binoculars ready to be branded with your company logo.

Alpen also offers a complement of monoculars, sighting scopes, rifle scopes, and accessories.


Due their commitment to quality at a great price and their extensive range, you will find Alpen binoculars listed from $22 all the way up to $1,276.


Alpen offers a limited lifetime warranty to be free from defects in workmanship and material on all its binoculars. This does not cover any binocular that has been abused, disassembled, or tampered with. If you need to return a product under warranty, then you must send then back to Alpen Outdoor Corporation prepaid along with a check or money order for $15 to cover the cost of inspection and handling. This warranty is only applicable to original purchaser for products bought in the United States. Alpen also offers non-warranty repairs if you damage your binoculars.


One of most popular Alpen binocular models is the Alpen 10X42 PRO Waterproof binocular – phase coated. This sleek roof prism model with BAK4 optics features phase coated lenses for superior image clarity and contrast. They have a long eye relief to provide wearers of glasses more comfort and along with their ergonomic design they also have a rubber coating for added protection. This is a great performance model for wet conditions.