Burris Optics is a hunting company based out of Greeley, Colorado. They specialize in manufacturing hunting optics for the seasoned huntsman, with their main focus being on rifle scopes. The high reputation of Burris lies on their ability to act quickly to customers’ demands by producing many specialty scopes. With over 200 configurations of scopes available, Burris is committed to help their customers find the right one for them.

Although Burris is not a household name outside of hunting circles, they do produce some fine high quality optical products. Burris uses a greater diameter of lens than the competition on all there scopes, resulting in a much brighter image. They grind some of the world’s finest glass for their lenses and multi-coated lenses are index-matched to every individual lens, so each surface will transmit 99.5 percent of the light.

The Burris range of binoculars isn’t extensive, but they are all designed to the exacting standards you will find on their scopes. From high-end to performance to value models, Burris has covered everything a hunter could need from a binocular. If you not a hunter and are looking for a high quality binocular for a great price, then check out Burris. They offer some products that can easily rival some of the big names in binoculars.

With 17 different binoculars to choose from, Burris does not have an extensive line up. However, Burris’s core market is hunters, and what they do offer is more than sufficient for that market. All Burris binoculars are built to the same precision and quality you will find in their rifle scopes and they offer great value for a high quality product.

Burris is a well-respected name for rifle scopes. They also produce a full line of sights, spotting scopes, mounting rings, and numerous accessories. They also manufacture a line of tactical law enforcement products.


Fullfield II Binoculars

Burris Fullfield II binoculars are preferred by hunters. They offer high quality in an affordable package. The durable body is covered in a green camouflage pattern, so they won’t stand out in the wilderness. The covering is also matte to avoid any glint or glare that may spook game. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to carry whether hunting, camping, or hiking.

BAK-4 prisms and multi-coated lenses offer crisp, clear images, even in low light conditions such as dawn or dusk, when most hunting takes place. They’re also waterproof and fog proof, so there’s no reason to worry about having them out in harsh weather conditions. Burris Fullfield II binoculars are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Landmark II Binoculars

Burris Landmark binoculars are ideal hunting binoculars. They’re a cost-effective alternative to many other binoculars, without sacrificing any of the quality. The body is tough alloy, covered with a green camouflage pattern that cuts any glare or glint that may startle animals, or make the hunter more obvious in the wilderness. Because they’re lightweight, they’re easy to carry along with any other necessary gear.

The Landmark series offers sharp, clear images through BAK-4 prisms and multi-coated lenses. Twist-up eyecups are adjustable for comfort, and also accommodate eyeglass wearers. The binoculars are waterproof and fog proof, so they’re good in rain, snow, and humidity. Burris Landmark binoculars are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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Signature Select Binoculars

Burris Signature Select binoculars provide high quality optical performance at a reasonable price. The smooth, dark housing is ergonomically shaped for comfortable long-term viewing. They’re ideal for outdoor activities, such as hunting, hiking, camping, and birdwatching.

The Signature series boasts BAK-4 prisms with phase coatings, and multi-coated lenses, all of which combine to offer sharp images and true color interpretation. The prisms are also coated with silver for maximum light transmission, so they work well even in low-light conditions. The binoculars are waterproof and fog proof, and the body is highly impact-resistant. Twist-up eyecups accommodate eyeglass wearers, but are also comfortable and offer long eye relief for non-wearers. Burris Signature Select binoculars are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Other Binoculars

Burris offers a full line of binoculars that offer high quality optics at affordable prices. The brand’s series include roof prism, waterproof, and image stabilizing models. Most of them contain BAK-4 prisms with phase coatings for superior light transmission, making them a good choice even in low-light conditions. Because of their lightweight yet durable construction, they’re also ideal for many outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, hiking, and wildlife observation. The waterproof and image stabilizing models are the perfect choice for boating.

The binoculars offered by Burris also offer multi-coated lenses, which provide sharp, crisp images, occupying the full field of view. Nearly all the models in every line have twist-up eyecups made of soft rubber. They will conform to the face, blocking out excess light, or can be folded down to accommodate those who wear eyeglasses. No matter your optic needs, Burris has a binocular to suit you. All Burris binoculars are covered by a lifetime warranty.


The binoculars manufactured by Burris are listed between $117 and $1,356. The higher priced models fall under their high performance Euro Diamond range.


There are two levels of warranty available with Burris binoculars. All models in the Euro Diamond and Signature Select ranges are covered by Burris’s Forever Warranty. If any of these products are found to have defects in workmanship and materials, Burris will replace or repair these at no cost, even if you’re not the original owner. All other models are covered by the Burris Lifetime Warranty. This warrants that you binoculars will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the original owner. It is your responsibility to pay the shipping and insurance charges when returning your products to Burris for warranty inspection.


A popular model of Burris binoculars is the 10x50mm Signature Select. This product is great value for a high performance binocular. These binoculars offer premium glass for exceptionally crisp images. The lenses feature a broad-band multi coating to reduce reflections, and feature BAK-4 prisms to maximize light transmission. This tough model is built to the exacting standards of Burris and is waterproof, fog proof, and resistant to high impact shocks. With a list price of $796.00, you could expect to pay double that for a binocular of that quality from a big name manufacturer.