Specializing in imaging and optical products, Canon is well known name in office equipment and cameras. Founded in Japan in 1937, Canon has over 120,000 employees worldwide and makes a large commitment to the environment. To highlight this commitment Canon has released “Green Calulators” made from recycled Canon photocopiers, and in 2007 they topped a list of 56 climate-friendly companies complied by the Clean Air – Cool Planet group.

When it comes to research and development in imaging products Canon is a world leader. From consumer products to business machines, Canon is devoted to innovation on all their high quality optical products. From its original mandate to build the world’s best cameras, Canon continues in its dedication to bring original technologies.

The Canon line of binoculars is true to their pledge of innovation. Although they do not offer many models, what is available is right at the cutting edge of binocular technology. Employing the latest in technology the core of Canon’s binoculars range is centered around image stabilizing binoculars which eliminate image shake and make them a great choice for prolonged viewing or for use on the moving platform.


Canon Binoculars

Canon binoculars carry a name that has been synonymous with quality since 1965. They produce a wide range of optics, from the world’s smallest image stabilized compact binoculars, to high-powered image stabilized binoculars that can be used for star gazing. They offer all-weather models that are water resistant, as well as nitrogen-filled, waterproof models.

Features such as multi-coated lenses, phase correction, and ultra-low dispersion elements, depending on the model, provide bright, clear, high quality images, even in low light conditions. Rubberized non-slip coatings make for sure grips to prevent dropping and help keep the binoculars steady when viewing. Some models have long eye relief, making them a good choice for eyeglass wearers. All Canon binoculars come with a limited three-year warranty against defective materials or workmanship.


Canon binoculars main line of binoculars are image stabilizer binoculars. With this range you can find binoculars of various magnification, as well as models that are weather proof and waterproof. Along with the image stabilizer binoculars, Canon also offers standard compact binoculars.


The magnification across the Canon binoculars range covers 7X, 8X, 10X, 12X, 15X and 18X. All models feature center manual focusing.


The diameter of objective lenses available on Canon binoculars is in the range of 17mm to 50mm. All the image stabilizing binocular fall between 25mm to 50mm.


The field of view ranges from 194 ft. at 1000 yd. at its narrowest and at its widest is 393 ft. at 1000 yd. Binoculars that have a high magnification tend to have the narrowest.


With only a handful of binoculars to choose from, it would be easy to dismiss Canon as an option. However, the small line-up they do offer is right on the cutting edge of binocular technology. Made with the same high quality optics you would expect to find in Canon cameras, their binocular line up is one of the finest when it comes to image stabilized binoculars.

Along with it’s binocular offering, Canon is also well know for it’s imaging equipment. Some of the other products they offer are business machines, cameras, printers, and projectors. Canon offers a great range of innovative products across many markets.


If you are looking to purchase Canon binoculars you can expect to find list prices falling between $159.99 and $,2900.00.


All of Canon image stabilizing binoculars have a limited warranty that guarantees against defective materials and workmanship for three years from the original date of purchase. Any standard binoculars from Canon carries a 25 year warranty against defect in materials or workmanship from the original date of purchase.


One of the most popular image stabilized binoculars from Canon is the 10X30 IS. This unique looking model features built-in gyroscope technology to eliminate shaky images when viewing. This makes it a perfect model for extended viewing at sports events or for use on moving platform. To activate the image stabilization mode requires just the touch of a button. At a high magnification of 10X and 30mm objective lenses with Canon’s super spectra multi-coating, this model delivers superb crisp images at an affordable price.