Carson Optical is a leading producer of optical devices for the recreational consumer. They make optics for sports, various hobbies, education, and recreation. The optical products from Carson are innovative in many ways, yet still being of high quality at a good value. They have a large selection of binoculars, monoculars, microscopes, and magnifiers. Customers are sure to find something they can use.

Carson binoculars are great for the outdoors, hunting, and bird watching. They have several series of binoculars of varying sizes for everyone. Clever naming of the models helps people find what they are looking for, rather than a mere product number. They have models in the Compact series called Tracker, Scout, and TrailFinder.


Compact Series Binoculars

Carson Compact binoculars offer all the features of standard binoculars in smaller, affordable packages. Though they’re compact in size, they don’t compromise any quality. They’re perfect for traveling, or for taking on camping or hiking trips. A large, center focus knob makes adjustment fast and easy, and an independently adjusted right diopter maximizes focusing flexibility.

The Compact series contains BAK-4 prisms with coatings that reduce glare and reflection, and provide bright images with true colors. Multi-coated lenses also contribute to crisp, clear images. Roll-down eyecups offer comfort and block exterior light, as well as providing comfort for eyeglass wearers. Some models have a camouflage-patterned exterior, perfect for hunters. Some Carson Compact binoculars come with a carrying pouch, a neckstrap, and a lens cloth. All Carson binoculars are covered by a non-transferable, lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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Full Size Binoculars

Carson Full Size binoculars offer larger objective lenses to attract more light, making images brighter and clearer than compact binoculars. They also offer brighter viewing in low-light conditions. Some models also offer an extra wide field of vision, ensuring that no matter what activity you’re taking part in, you don’t miss a thing. Full size binoculars are great for watching sporting events, hunting, and birdwatching.

The Full Size series of binoculars offer fairly close focusing distances, which is what makes them ideal for observing small wildlife such as birds and butterflies. Their BAK-4 prisms facilitate light transmission, while multi-coated lenses provide crisp, clear images regardless of distance. Some Carson Full Size binoculars come with a carrying pouch, a neckstrap, removable eyecups, and a lens cloth. All Carson binoculars are covered by a non-transferable, lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Optical Toys Binoculars

Carson Optical Toys binoculars are the perfect choice to get kids involved in outdoor activities. They have smaller dimensions, which makes them easier for smaller hands to hold. And because they’re so reasonably priced, there is no worry about kids losing or damaging your high quality optics. There’s little worry about damage, though, because the exterior is extremely durable, made to withstand anything a kid can put it through.

Whether your kids are into sporting events, camping, hiking, or wildlife observation, Carson Optical Toys binoculars will offer them outstanding viewing opportunities. The fully coated lenses reduce glare, and keep images crisp and sharp. Carson Optical Toys binoculars come with a carrying pouch, a neckstrap, and a lens cloth. All Carson binoculars are covered by a non-transferable, lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

XM Series Waterproof Binoculars

Carson XM series waterproof binoculars offer images as crisp and sharp as more expensive binoculars thanks to their proprietary lens coatings. These coatings reduce glare, and offer clear images through the entire field of vision. Because the series is waterproof, they’re ideal for outdoor activities in inclement weather, or for taking on the water.

The XM series contains phase-coated prisms for optimal light transmission, and bright images, even in low light conditions. The prisms also provide brighter, more vibrant colors. Twist-down eyecups offer extra-long eye relief, even for those who wear eyeglasses. The barrels are nitrogen-purged, and O-ring sealed, making them completely waterproof, fog proof, and impervious to dust and dirt. Carson XM series waterproof binoculars come with a carrying pouch, a neckstrap, lens covers, and a lens cloth. All Carson binoculars are covered by a non-transferable, lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

YK Series Waterproof Binoculars

Carson YK series binoculars are full-sized, and offer superior quality optics. They’re also completely waterproof and fog proof thanks to a nitrogen-purged body, which is also covered with shockproof, rubberized armor for protection and comfort for long-term viewing.

The YK series contains BAK-4 roof prisms for exceptional light transmission and true color interpretation. Multi-coated lenses offer sharp, clear views. Extra-long eye relief offers comfort, especially for those who wear eyeglasses. Carson YK series binoculars come with a carrying pouch, a neckstrap, and a lens cloth. All Carson binoculars are covered by a non-transferable, lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Zoom Series Binoculars

Carson Zoom series binoculars give you the opportunity to see things closer than ever before. The zoom feature functions on a quiet, electric drive, and springs into action at the touch of a button. The mechanism is battery operated. Note that batteries are not included with the purchase of the binoculars.

Even without using the zoom feature, Carson Zoom binoculars provide sharp images, and a minimum focus distance of 16 feet. A large center focus knob makes adjustment smooth and easy. Fully coated lenses provide crisp, clear images. Carson Zoom series binoculars come with a carrying pouch, a neckstrap, and a lens cloth. All Carson binoculars are covered by a non-transferable, lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.


Carson Optical offers five series of binoculars. They have the Compact, JK, XM, YK, and Zoom series. The Compact are smaller models, and the Zoom series has models with variable magnifications. Models in the YK series are waterproof, the XM series includes binoculars with high definition lenses, and the JK series are full size binoculars. They also have a SuperWide model, a Caribou model, and for kids a Hawk and Wildcat model.


There are several fixed and variable magnification binocular models at Carson Optical. The fixed magnifications are 6X, 7X, 8X, 10X, and 12X, with the Micro VM 6X16 having the only 6X magnification available. The YK-600 12X50 having the only 12X magnification. Most of the binocular models have either 8X or 10X.

The Zoom series is home to the variable magnification models. Four models are available on in that series: the MiniZoom 5X to 15X, AutoZoom 7X to 28X, GreyHawk with 10X to 30X, and SuperZoom 20X to 80X.


The objective lens size available on Carson binoculars ranges from 16mm to 50mm. Both the YK and XM series have a 50mm objective lens model available, the YK-600 12X 50mm, and XM-050HD 10X50mm respectively. The Compact series Micro VM 6X16 is the only model with the 16mm objective lens.


Carson binoculars have a wide range of view on their binoculars. The F.O.V across all their models range from 98 to 489 ft. at 1000 yd. The pair giving the high 489 ft. F.O.V is the Compact MiniScout 7X18 and the 98 ft. is the F.O.V on the SuperZoom 20-80X25mm. Half of the models available have a F.O.V of 300 ft.


Carson has 32 unique models of binoculars available. Some models are available in different colors, although the specifications are the same so the decision becomes which color do you like. They also sell outdoor sets that includes binoculars, a flashlight, multiple use tool, and other helpful camping equipment

They also make other optical products for the consumer. There are also models of monoculars, pocket microscopes, magnifiers, spotters, and scopes. Some non-optical offerings include reading lights and lens pens.


The price ranges on the Carson Optical binoculars ranges from $13 to $310. The Carson Hawk 5X30 can be purchased for $12.99, but since they are great for people with little hands it seem like a children’s model. The 6X16 Micro Ultra-Compact binoculars are the next up at a price of $23.49. Carson’s most expensive pair is the 10X50 Compact Binoculars from the XM series and it costs $309.99


The warranty Carson offers for their binoculars is one of the best warranties around. Like other standard warranties, they will repair material or factory defects for free, but unlike many manufacturers, Carson offers a discount on defective or damaged binoculars no matter what caused the damage. Carson will repair or replace damaged binoculars for only $12 and that include shipping charges.


Carson has a couple popular brands of binoculars. The first is the Carson Hawk 5X30 Binoculars. These mid size binoculars are lightweight, weighing 6.6 ounces, and only cost $12.99. Their size makes them comfortable to hold, even with smaller hands, and an ideal choice of binoculars for children. They have a 5X magnification and a wide 312 ft. field of view at 1000 yd.

Another popular brand is the XM Series Compact Scout 8X22 binoculars priced at $30.99. Although the price is a good reason why they’re popular, they only weigh 6 ounces, making them less of a burden to carry and hold. They have a magnification factor of 8 with a 22mm eye relief and they have a field of view of 393 ft. at 1000 yd. Best used for bird watching and casual observing.