Eagle Optics


Eagle Optics call themselves “Optic Outfitters” for a good reason – they provide a full line for your needs, covering digital cameras, mounts, scopes, accessories, and lots of guides and information as well as binoculars. They first opened in Central Wisconsin in 1986, and highlight fair and honest service. Expect no gimmicks with Eagle Optics, nor hidden fees, but excellent customer service. Consider checking them out at nation-wide birding and nature festivals, and investigating their selection of products behind optics, including guides, audio, gear, and apparel.

Eagle Optics makes it easy to consider options based on your price range or your use by providing lots of information and tips and selling other brands. They also offer sports-themed binoculars and novelty colors, so don’t feel restricted to the same old grey binoculars you’ve seen elsewhere. Also look out for their demo refurbs, spotting scopes, mounts, monoculars, rangefinders, digital cameras, scoping equipment, and night vision specialty products.


Shrike Series

 Eagle Optics Shrike Series binoculars are small, roof prism binoculars great for indoor or outdoor activities. Use them while hiking, birdwatching, or even at the theatre. They come in four bright, primary colors for high visibility outdoors, and a subtle silver for indoor events.

Their multi-coated lenses offer bright views. The double-hinged design allows the Shrike to fold, and weighing just six ounces, they are easily portable. Adjustable eyecups roll for comfortable viewing with or without glasses, and the center focus wheel adjusts both barrels simultaneously. Shrike binoculars come with rainguard, neck strap, case, and a limited lifetime transferable warranty.

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Ranger Series

Eagle Optics Platinum Ranger series binoculars are in a class all by themselves. Their powerful 10×50 range is perfect for long-distance birding, but they offer focus so close they’re great for butterflies, too. The multi-coated optics provide bright, clear views in both bright sunlight and at dusk. They’re an excellent choice for land and sea as their O-ring sealing and nitrogen purging make them fully waterproof and fogproof.

Even with all their features, Platinum Ranger binoculars are lightweight. They feature long eye relief to accommodate eyeglass wearers. Their black rubber armor provides firm gripping, ruggedness, and comfort. A precise internal focusing mechanism keeps out dust, dirt, and moisture. Platinum Ranger binoculars come with a lifetime warranty.

Eagle Optics Ranger SRT series binoculars offer everything the Platinum Ranger binoculars do, and then some. Their distinguishing feature is the Superior Resolution Transmission (SRT) coating, which offers brighter, sharper images, and superior light transmission at any time of day, and in any light level. They’re also completely waterproof and fogproof thanks to the O-ring sealing and nitrogen gas-filled barrels.

The multi-position eyecups twist up and down, making the Ranger SRT binoculars comfortable for anyone, including those who wear glasses. High quality BaK-4 prisms provide edge-to-edge sharpness, and the extra magnification of some models make them the ideal choice for both distant and close-up views. Ranger SRT binoculars come with rainguard, a comfort neck strap, a padded carrying case, and Eagle Optics Platinum Protection unconditional transferable lifetime warranty.

Denali Series

Eagle Optics Denali series are high performance porro prism binoculars. They offer high quality images at an affordable price. They’re compact and lightweight, making them easily portable. Multi-coated lenses and BaK-4 prisms increase and optimize light transmission, delivering sharp, bright images that rival those of higher prices models.

Adjustable eyecups twist up and down for optimal comfort, with or without eyeglasses. The rubber-armored body provides excellent shock protection, as well as a comfortable grip. The center focus wheel adjusts both barrels simultaneously. Denali series binoculars come with a neck strap and case. In addition to the standard Eagle Optics limited lifetime warranty, they also come with the Eagle Advantage repair certificate.


One thing to note with Eagle Optics is that they are looking to meet your needs first and foremost, as you can tell when you realize they sell several other brand options in their own retail locations along with their own.

Within the range of Eagle Optics own products you will find a nice selection of stylish options, including sets in various colors, and a decent spread of sleek, lightweight sets that are comfortable and easy to handle. Comfort is first and fore-most, and Eagle Optics offers longer eye reliefs and more durable multi-position eyecups on many models to make longer term viewing easier to do. These sets are affordable as well as easy-to-use.


Eagle Optics binoculars are often optimized for viewing butterflies and other insects at close range, so offer several low magnification options in a compact set. That said, each range often has several magnifications from 6x through 8x, 10x, and 12x, allowing you to find the one that is best for you.


Again a wide range is available when it comes to objective lens size with Eagle Optics. You can find the right set for you whether 25mm will suit your everyday needs or you require greater light through 42mm and 50mm lenses. Their Triumph binocular comes in lens sizes from 25mm through 35mm, 42mm, and 50mm, allowing you to choose the perfect set without compromising comfort. Use the smaller lenses to uncover details of birds, flowers, and landscapes, or the largest ones for spotting game even at dusk or dawn.


For close ranges and activities such as butterfly watching and birdwatching, Eagle Optics binoculars usually offer a wide field of view so you can see over a good distance without lots of fussing with focus controls. This large FOV is also great while watching sports or hunting game when you’ll need to keep your eye on that big area. Also unique are the themed binoculars available for sports lovers – get binoculars branded with your favorite team so you can show your support even as you get that perfect look at the winning goal.


Eagle Optics offers a few key binocular types that each have a range of magnifications and objective lens sizes, so you can pick the perfect comfortable set in the size you want. However they are a true “optic outfitter” with their entire selection of products. When you’re also considering spotting scopes, monoculars, digital cameras, digital scopes, or range finders, they have you covered. And regardless of what you choose there is a wealth of accessories and mounts available. Buy your tripod, lens covers, rainguards, lens cleaning kits, straps, cases, eye shields, and so much more. Even select some outdoor gear, apparel, lens pens, or find outdoor and portable speakers. Check out their guides too; whether you’re looking for birding references, insect guides, or key tips for naturalism Eagle Optics has you covered.


Eagle Optics is known for having affordable binoculars that meet your needs without breaking the bank. When you’re not making a huge investment in un-needed features, you can instead pick up the accessories for maximum comfort. Why waste money on super high magnifications if your binoculars aren’t comfortable enough to hold up for birdwatching?

Most of Eagle Optics binoculars are less than $100, with their Energy line offered in 8×21 and many stylish colors at only $49.99. Energy sets are very compact, go everywhere, and still provide enough power for everyday use, without costing a fortune. There are options with specialized close focus or larger objective lens sizes when your price range is higher than $100. Still, the most expensive set by Eagle Optics still weighs in at only $359.99 yet doesn’t sacrifice comfort or weatherproofing. Look for ongoing sales to catch hot deals.


All Eagle Optics brand binoculars have a limited lifetime warranty, and some ranges also have an unconditional warranty. Even where problems aren’t covered by the limited warranty, a repair certificate comes with many sets allowing a repair with a max charge of only $20.


The wide selection of colors available in a compact, inexpensive set makes the Energy line very popular. These binoculars can even be used as a secondary pair to slip in your glove compartment or backpack and be pulled out at a moment’s notice. They’re also great for kids to use, allowing you to help share your hobby without worrying about fumble fingers.

The Triumph roof prism line also offers waterproof durability with flexibility, making it a popular choice for those who may be birding, hiking, butterfly watching, or enjoying spectator sports over their weekend. They’re compact, rugged, and easy to carry, as well as being inexpensive and perfect for everyday use.