Fujinon is a division of Fujifilm that was established in 1944 to investigate and develop various optical instruments and devices. They do not only make binoculars. In fact, while they may be better known for the photographic equipment they produce, Fujinon also designs and produces medical equipment.

Combining optical devices with a complex strategy and extensive research has lead Fujinon to be one of the leading suppliers of technology that meets the diversified needs of the global population. Fujinon is dedicated to creating and manufacturing only the highest quality optical products and guarantees that they will deliver superior performance which is maintained by an excellent support staff.

The Fujinon line of binoculars is quite varied, with models falling into the Standard, High Grade, and Compass categories. In addition to the previously mentioned classifications, Fujinon also manufacturers a line of HB Binocular Roof Prism models and Giant Binocular Telescope models. With more than 22 variations of Fujinon binoculars to choose from, you will definitely find something to suit your very specific needs.


Polaris Series Binoculars

Fujinon Polaris Series binoculars have a lot going for them. They’re waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof, thanks to their polycarbonate housings and armoured coating. They were built to military specifications, so there are no concerns about them holding up outdoors. Their EBC coatings provide ultra-bright viewing, and crisp colors. The center focus dial allows for easy adjustment of the viewing field. They’re also lightweight, making them easy to carry.

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Mariner XL Series Binoculars

Fujinon Mariner XL binoculars are high quality marine binoculars, but aren’t as heavy as some other models. Instead of metal alloys commonly used in housings, they’re made with ultra-strong, lightweight, polycarbonate, giving them a weight of just 31 ounces. In addition to being completely waterproof thanks to their nitrogen-filled barrels, the lighter material also allows them to float. Add the flotation neck strap, and you won’t have to worry about losing your binoculars if they happen to fall into the water.

Another nice feature on the Mariner binoculars is the compass with built-in LED light to help you find your way, even after sunset. An added range-finding reticle helps you determine distance and bearing, a must-have ability when you’re on the water. The soft, foldback eye cups provide extra long eye relief. Another benefit of the polycarbonate housings is that they’re impact-resistant. Fujinon Mariner binoculars come with a limited warranty.

Poseidon Series Binoculars

Fujinon Poseidon binoculars are heavy duty, but lightweight marine binoculars. They feature sealed, dry nitrogen-filled, light alloy housings, making them 100 percent waterproof. The rubber armor shell is easy to grip, even when wet. Advanced EBC coated optics provide bright images, while the objective lenses provide wide fields of view.

The waterproof housings protect Poseidon binoculars if they happen to fall into the water, so rest easy when taking them out on the boat. But don’t let that limit how you use them. They’re light enough to take anywhere, and provide quality images that make them appropriate for viewing just about anything. One Poseidon model even features a built-in compass to help with on-water navigation. You won’t have to worry about finding your way back to land with these optics handy. It also contains an internal range finding reticle, great for assisting with marine wildlife viewing and fishing. All Fujinon Poseidon binoculars come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Techno-Stabi Binoculars

Fujinon Techno-Stabi binoculars are the world’s only 100 percent waterproof image stabilizing binoculars. They are dry nitrogen charged, making them not just waterproof, but fogproof as well. The lenses have EBC coatings, providing bright images, true colors, and reducing glare, flare, and ghosting. Phase-coated roof prisms also make for sharp, highly defined images.

A battery-powered drive motor runs a microprocessor, dual piezo-vibration sensors, and a gyro position sensor to help you lock onto subjects, even those in motion. With these features, Techno-Stabi binoculars provide true digital stabilization. The automatic stabilizing system consumes a minimum amount of power, giving your batteries longer life. The case is waterproof, and shockproof. These binoculars will stand up to everyday, and rough weather use. The included closed-cell foam flotation neck strap keeps the binoculars afloat if they’re dropped in the water.


Fujinon binoculars are available in many ranges: Compass binoculars and Mariner binoculars (designed for use on fishing vessels and in other aquatic environments), Standard binoculars, Techno-Stabi binoculars, Rubber Armored binoculars, Mili-Spec binoculars, and High Grade binoculars.


Fujinon binoculars are available in magnifications of 7X, 8X, 10X, 12X, 14X, and 16X. The higher levels of magnification are available on both Standard and High Grade models.


Binoculars manufactured by Fujinon are outfitted with Objective lenses measuring between 30mm and 70mm. The various Objective Lenses are available across all product ranges with the exception of the 30mm and 32mm, which are only available on the High Grade 8X30FMTR-SX model of Fujinon binocular and the Fujinon Techno Stabi Jr. model, respectively.


Fujinon binoculars provide a range of F.O.V. that falls between 4 degrees and 7 degrees depending on which model you purchase. The majority of the Fujinon binoculars will provide the largest F.O.V. available, with the smaller ranges being associated with the 10X70 and 16X70 variations.


Fujinon offers 22 types of binocular for you to choose from, including the SX series, which has specially coated lenses and prisms which increase the overall brightness factor of your view to 95 percent. That is 15 percent higher than other comparable high quality binoculars.

In addition to the available binoculars, Fujinon also manufacturer and distribute a complete line of large sized waterproof Super Power Binoculars, field Scopes, and Day/Night Stabicopes.


The binoculars manufactured by Fujinon are available for prices ranging between $199.00 and $1,235.00, with the top end model being the Fujinon 14X40 Techno Stabi Binocular with Waterproof and Shockproof Case.


All Fujinon Binoculars, except those listed below: Are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in manufacturing, workmanship or materials.

Mariner Series: 5 year Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in manufacturing, workmanship, or materials.

Stabiscope, Techno-Stabi and Techno, JR.: 1 year Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in manufacturing, workmanship, or materials.

Starscope: The housing has a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects in manufacturing, workmanship, or materials. The nite-vision tubes have a 30 day warranty.

The warranty is provided to the original owner only.


One of the more popular models of Fujinon binocular is the 7X50 ARC-SX Binocular with Compass. This pair retails for $354.03 and is a big favorite among those who spend their time on the water. With the built in compass and range finder, paired with a wide field of view and 50mm objective lenses, you can easily find your bearings and find your way home from just about anywhere.