Galileo produces a wide range of optical equipment and accessories that cater to every level of sky watcher. Whether you are an amateur astronomer, a bird watcher, or you just enjoy checking out the scenery from a distance, Galileo has a product for you.

Galileo binoculars are designed using top quality materials and are all relatively affordable in price. The binoculars are strong and sturdy, designed to give you many years of trouble free service. As a matter of fact, the Galileo team is so confident in their product standing up to the test of time that they offer a full “Lifetime Warranty” on every model of Galileo binocular available.

If you are in the market for a new pair of binoculars, why not give Galileo binoculars a shot. With a solid product and great customer service you can hardly go wrong.


Galileo binoculars are available in a number of ranges: Wide Angle Binoculars, Galileo Porro Prisms, Zooms, Long Eye Relief Binoculars, Water Proof Binoculars, Astronomical Binoculars, GG Series Binoculars, Phase Coated, Roof Prism Binoculars, Mini Compacts, Compacts, Compact Zoom Binoculars, and Binocular Cameras.


Galileo binoculars are available in magnifications of 5X, 7X, 8X, 10X, 11X, 12X, 15X, and 20X. With the 20X level of magnification being available on the C-1250 (Astronomical) model of binocular. There are also Zoom models available with magnification ranges of 7-15X, 7-16X, 7-21X, 8-24X, 8-25X, 10-30X, and 10-40X. The 10-40X zoom is available on the signature Galileo Series Zoom binoculars model number G-104060.


Binoculars manufactured by Galileo are fitted with Objective lenses measuring between 21mm and 60mm. Each range of Galileo binoculars has a variety of objective lens size options. The largest size objective lense is available on the Galileo Astronomical binocular model G-1570.


Fujinon binoculars provide a range of F.O.V. that falls between 289 ft. and 814 ft., depending on the model. The largest F.O.V on any Galileo binocular is found on the G-525SWA Super Wide Angle model. The majority of the Galileo binoculars have a medium range F.O.V with the larger ratings reserved for the Wide Angle and Super Wide Angle models.


Galileo offers you a choice of 14 types of binoculars, including the Water Proof series, which has specially coated lenses and a waterproof exterior casing.

In addition to the available binoculars, Galileo also manufactures hunting products, telescopes, imaging systems, and other gadgets and gizmos.


The binoculars manufactured by Galileo are all very affordable. Prices range between $24.95 and $419.95, with the top end model being the Galileo Phase Coated 10×42 G-1042PC.


Galileo has complete confidence in the equipment that they produce and is willing to stand behind all of their binoculars with a Lifetime Warranty.


One of the more popular models of Galileo binocular is the Galileo 20X60 Astro Binoculars. The Astro Binoculars are water proof, full sized, Poro Prism binoculars with a 20X magnification and 60mm objective lens. If you are on the water, you will love having a pair of these handy. At a price of $79.99, they are quite a bargain.