A Japanese company that specializes in imaging and optics, the Olympus Corporation was established in 1919, starting out making microscopes and thermometers. To the average person, Olympus Corporation is well known for their cameras and digital recorders, but they also use their knowledge and experience in creating magnification devices to make great binoculars. They also continue to make microscopes and other image enlarging devices for the medical and science sector.

A global corporation with facilities all over the world, Olympus utilizes vast R&D resources and has a large product list to the leading microscope supplier and innovator. Olympus applies their knowledge of advance technology and manufacturing with innovative ideas to continue to grow and satisfy their customers. Their groundbreaking products meet the needs of the ever-changing world around us whether its consumer, medical, or science related.

Olympus carries a wide variety of binoculars, with similar models split up into several series. Each series is cleverly named to reflect the typical use of the binocular models. The Roamer series binoculars are compact and lightweight. The Trooper series have high optical performance and the Magellan series are built for explorers. The other series of Olympus binoculars offers are the Pathfinder, Outback, and Tracker, so you’re sure to find one that best fits your usage.


Magellan Binoculars

Olympus Magellan binoculars combine the trust of a long-standing, well known brand with the quality of a superior optics company. The series contains a wide variety of models that offer varying features at reasonable prices. The binoculars are filled with nitrogen, and hermetically sealed, making them completely waterproof, fog proof, and resistant to dust and dirt. As such, they’re ideally suited to any type of outdoor activity.

The Magellan series binoculars contain BAK-4 prisms for exceptional light transmission, as well as multi-coated lenses which deliver clear, crisp images. The lenses also feature UV coating, which helps protect against the sun’s damaging rays. Long eye relief offers comfortable viewing, and the twist-up eyecups make them ideal for anyone who wears eyeglasses. The large center-focus knob turns easily for quick and accurate adjustment. Magellan binoculars are covered by the Olympus lifetime warranty.

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Outback Binoculars

Olympus Outback binoculars are part of the company’s long-standing reputation for quality. Since 1919, Olympus has been developing new technology, and continues to do so today. Their Outback binoculars are just one example—compact binoculars that can fold down to the size of a small cell phone. This makes them ideal for travel, or outdoor activities such as hiking or birdwatching.

The Outback series binoculars contain BAK-4 roof prisms, and the lenses are multi-coated, which includes one layer to protect against harmful UV rays. The binoculars are lightweight, and feature a stylish metallic silver finish. Twist-up eyecups offer comfort, light-blocking, and eye relief for eyeglass wearers. They also feature built-in dioptric correction. Outback binoculars are covered by the Olympus lifetime warranty.

Pathfinder Binoculars

Olympus Pathfinder binoculars are powerful optics created by a company known for its high quality products. The series is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. They offer superior light-gathering capability, which provides bright, clear images at any time of day, even in low-light conditions. Because of this, they’re a good choice for birdwatchers and hunters.

The Pathfinder series uses BAK-4 prisms, allowing for excellent light transmission. The multi-coated lenses also provide image brightness, high contrast, and true color interpretation. The binoculars are ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold, and are coated with rubber armoring for a non-slip grip as well as protection against bumps and scratches. Their wide field of view makes them ideal for wildlife observation, as does the large center focus knob which allows fast, easy focusing. Twist-up eyecups offer comfort and long eye relief. Pathfinder binoculars are covered by the Olympus lifetime warranty.

Roamer DPC I 10x21 Binoculars

Olympus Roamer binoculars are sporty, ultra-light, compact binoculars that are ideal for their portability. Take them on vacation, while cycling, while hiking, or even just for a walk around the park, and be assured of their high quality. Note that while they’re a great choice for outdoor activities, they are not waterproof, so will require some sort of protection from the elements.

The Roamer series of binoculars has built-in dioptric correction which adjusts to individual eyesight. In addition, the lenses have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare, as well as a coating to protect against harmful UV rays. They feature non-slip rubber grips and thumb rests for comfortable viewing. The center focus knob offers accurate, easy adjustment. Roamer binoculars are covered by the Olympus lifetime warranty.

Tracker Binoculars

Olympus Tracker binoculars offer an enjoyable viewing experience from a reputable company with a long track record for outstanding optics. Most of the models in the series are standard binoculars, while a couple offer zoom capability, bringing objects even closer while not compromising resolution or clarity. The zoom features makes those models ideal for observing sporting events or concerts.

The Tracker series of binoculars contain high-index BAK-4 prisms for optimal light transmission. The lenses are multi-coated, and offer sharp, clear images and accurate color conveyance. Twist-up eyecups are comfortable for all users, and can easily accommodate eyeglass wearers as well. Adding to the comfort of use are rubber grips, and an easy-to-use center focus knob. Tracker binoculars are covered by the Olympus lifetime warranty.

Trooper Binoculars

Olympus Trooper binoculars combine the brand’s well earned reputation with high quality optics that will meet the needs of just about any sports enthusiast. The binoculars offer wide-angle views that make it easier to keep up with quickly moving objects. This also makes them ideal for observing wildlife, and in particular, birdwatching.

The Trooper series of binoculars contains porro prisms, which provide a high level of light transmission. The lenses are multi-coated, including a layer of protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. In addition to the excellent optical features they provide, Trooper binoculars come with a carrying case, neckstrap, and objective and optical lens covers. Trooper binoculars are covered by the Olympus lifetime warranty.


Olympus has a wide range of binoculars available for the casual observer or the serious enthusiast. The Outback and Roamer series are designed for recreational use, whereas the Trooper series has a rugged design for powerful optical performance. The Magellan, Pathfinder, and Tracker series are the preferred choice for mainly outdoor use.


Olympus binoculars are built with varying magnification specifications. The magnifications available on these binoculars are 7X, 8X, 10X, and 12X. Some binoculars have a range of magnification that goes beyond the fixed maximum of 12X, like 8X-16X and 10X-30X. Binoculars with a magnification range include “zoom” in their name. One example of binoculars with an 8X-16X magnification is the Trooper 8–16X40 Zoom DPS I.


The objective lenses on binoculars made by Olympus measure between 21mm and 50mm. The casual series of Olympus binoculars, the Outback, Tracker, and Roamer series, consist of only low end lenses. The serious binoculars, the Trooper and Pathfinder series, consist of only high end lenses, with the Pathfinder 12X50 EXPS I having the highest size lens. The Magellan series is the only series to include some high and low end lens sizes.


The F.O.V. on binoculars made by Olympus range from 1.9 degrees on the Tracker 10-30X25 ZOOM PC I, to 9.3 degrees on the Trooper 7X35 DPS I. The low end angular F.O.V. settings are found on the models designated zoom that have a varying magnification, but do end up in the mid range when set to the highest possible F.O.V. If the field of view is important, models with a fixed F.O.V. will have the best F.O.V.


The Olympus Corporation offers 21 models of binoculars across six series. Each model has either a roof or porro prism type and makes use of BaK-4 or BK-7 prism glass. The higher end Magellan series models have lenses that are fully phase multi-coated with UV protection.

Olympus also makes several lines of cameras including compact digital cameras, digital SLR cameras, and film cameras. They also make analog, digital, and PCM audio voice recorders, as well as professional dictation devices.


Even the most expensive Olympus brand binoculars are affordable, with the prices of all models ranging from $40 to $240. The least expensive model of binoculars available is the Roamer DPC I 8X21, and the most expensive is the Magellan EXWP I 10X42 Binoculars.


Olympus offers a limited warranty on their binoculars. The product must be made by Olympus, usually bearing a brand label, and contain an Olympus serial number. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or carelessness in handling or storage, and you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself if you have any intention on trying to submit a warranty claim.

When sending away to have your binoculars serviced, package the product with enough padding to protect them during transit. Include the sales receipt, a copy of the limited warranty that shows the same serial number as listed on the product, and a description of the problem in detail.


One of the more sought after sets of binoculars made by Olympus is the 8X21 RCI model from the Outback series. It’s not the least expensive model available, at a retail price of $60, but it is one of the least expensive. This model weighs less than 7 ounces, making it a good choice, especially when you need to carry a lot. The 11mm eye-relief makes it comfortable for people wearing glasses and has built-in dioptric correction. They have UV protection for outdoor use and the field of view at 1000 yd. is 324 ft., but they are also great for indoor sporting events.