Zeiss was started in 1846 by Carl Zeiss in Jena and became one of the major companies in the optics manufacturing business. The company split after World War II because of the enforced partition in Germany, which set the stage for competition, but the companies reunited in 1990. This combined the resources of two companies, who for a while were competitors, making it even stronger than before.

Their standards focus on their customers and it drives the direction they take toward products design and manufacturing. Their determination, in addition to their customer oriented standards, keeps them moving forward as they continue to be a high quality producer. It is their goal to become the best in everything they pursue.

Zeiss binoculars are no exception to their customer driven standards. They include all the quality and detail found in all their products across their two families of binoculars. The first family, the Victory series, offers amazing performance with great views and handling. The second family, the Conquest series, offers the best performance and value for its class.


Conquest Binoculars

All the models in the Zeiss Conquest binocular series are compact and lightweight, making them an excellent choice for extended use. They provide a cost-effective alternative to higher end binoculars, without compromising quality. Conquest binoculars boast a rugged yet ergonomic design, allowing them to stand up to tough conditions while remaining comfortable to use.

Conquest binoculars boast multi-coated lenses, and phase-coated prisms, both of which improve light transmission, providing clear, sharp images. The coatings also offer enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. The series offers multiple magnification levels, and models ranging from pocket, to compact, to all-purpose. They are ideal binoculars for hunting, but can be used for just about any other activity requiring sports optics. Conquest binoculars are covered by the Zeiss limited lifetime transferable warranty.

Conquest Compact Binoculars

Zeiss Conquest Compact binoculars offer all the features and benefits of the Conquest series, in slightly smaller dimensions. The Conquest Compact series models are lightweight, and boast an intelligent Z-fold feature that allows the user to easily carry the binoculars in a small bag, or even a shirt pocket. They are ergonomically designed for comfortable, extended use.

Conquest Compact binoculars are ruggedly designed to withstand frequent use in harsh conditions. Their multi-coated lenses and phase-coated prisms allow superior light transmission, so the binoculars offer sharp images with bright, true colors. The series offers more than one magnification level, allowing a choice to best suit viewing needs. Because of their compact design and light body, they are ideal travel optics. Conquest Compact binoculars are covered by the Zeiss limited lifetime transferable warranty.

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Victory Compact Binoculars

Zeiss Victory Compact binoculars offer exceptional viewing in smaller dimensions. Their size makes them ideal pocket binoculars, without compromising quality or performance. The Victory series boasts advanced ergonomic design and perfect balance for comfortable extended viewing, and multiple magnification levels for a variety of viewing situations.

Victory Compact binoculars are one hundred percent waterproof thanks to nitrogen-filled barrels. The dielectrical mirror coatings on the prisms make for maximum light transmission, thereby providing the clearest, brightest images with the truest colors. Twist-up eyecups offer comfort, even for eyeglass wearers. Handling is easy with the award-winning offset hinge design. Victory Compact binoculars are covered by the Zeiss limited lifetime transferable warranty.

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Victory FL Binoculars with LotuTec Coating

Zeiss Victory FL binoculars offer a unique feature only offered by Zeiss—LotuTec® coating. This lens coating provides maximum brightness, resolution, and contrast by allowing over 90 percent light transmission into the barrel. The glass in the lenses also contains fluoride, which is what provides the series’ FL designation, so the binoculars provide exceptional contrast, sharp edges, and maximum color fidelity.

In addition to the unique properties offered by the series, Victory FL binoculars are ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced for comfortable extended use. Wide angle eyepieces offer the widest angle view possible, while the special lenses allow the capture of even the smallest details. Victory FL binoculars are covered by the Zeiss limited lifetime transferable warranty.

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Victory RF Rangefinder Binoculars

Zeiss Victory RF binoculars are ideal for long range hunting and shooting. The laser range finders offer measurements in meters and yards, increase accuracy, and make the Victory RF series models essential sports optics. In addition to the laser enhanced rangefinding of up to 1200 meters/1300 yards, the binoculars feature an LED display with an integrated BIS ballistic information system. They’re ergonomically designed to provide comfort as well as accuracy.

The Victory RF series also features multi-coated lenses for exceptional light transmission, sharp images, and crisp detail. Nitrogen-filled barrels make them one hundred percent waterproof, and the lenses have water repellent coatings to minimize sheeting. The eyecups are individually adjustable, and removable, accommodating all users, even eyeglass wearers. Victory RF binoculars are covered by the Zeiss limited lifetime transferable warranty.

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Zeiss binoculars are broken up into two series of binoculars, the Victory and Conquest. They both have their lists of binoculars, but they are only broken down further by the size. The Victory has two to three compact, mid sized, full size, and extended use models. The Conquest has the same two to three models in those four sizes, with an additional couple models in a high power series.


They have five levels of magnifications available on their binoculars ranging from 7X to 15X. Both ends of the range have only one model. The only model that has the 15X magnification is the Conquest High Power 15X45 B T, and the only model with the 7X is the Victory FL 7X42 T. Aside from the Conquest High Power 12X45 B T with a 12X magnification, the other 16 have either an 8X or 10X.


The minimum range on Zeiss binoculars is 20mm and the maximum range is 56. Only the Victory FL extended use 8X and 10X models have the 56mm, but both the Victory and Conquest families have a compact 20mm objective lens model available. Generally, the size of the objective lens increases with the size of the binoculars from the compact to mid sized to full size to high power and extended use.


Zeiss binoculars have an F.O.V. range of 192 to 450 ft. at 1000 yd., but 14 of the 19 models have a view of over 300 ft. The full-sized Victory 7X42 T FL has the product line high 450 ft. with the full size Victory 8X42 T FL and the mid size Victory 8X32 T* FL having the only other over 400 ft F.O.V. The Conquest High Power 15X45 B T has the lowest F.O.V., with the Victory 10X25 T Compact having a few feet more.


The binoculars are not the only product Zeiss manufactures nor are they the best product Zeiss has to offer, but they do offer 19 models of binoculars grouped into one of two families in various sizes, like the Victory compact or the Conquest full-size.

Additional sport optic products include rifle scopes, spotting scopes, red dot reflex sights, and Rapid Z ballistic reticles, but they don’t stop there. They also manufacture other optical devices like camera lenses, microscopes, and eyeglass lenses.


Zeiss has very high quality binoculars and they range from $400 to $3,000. The least expensive model, the Zeiss Conquest 8X20 B T, is one of their compact models. It can be purchased for $399.99. The most expensive model is the $2,999.00 Zeiss Victory RF 10X45, and it comes with a Laser Rangefinder.


All Zeiss binoculars come with a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty on binoculars purchased in North America from an authorized dealer. The warranty protects against manufacturing and other factory problems, not misuse or self repair attempts.

The warranty starts on the day the binoculars were purchased and it’s highly recommended that the product is registered within 60 days. This will make it easier for Zeiss to provide warranty service. You can register on their website or send in the warranty card. The warranty is only provided through Zeiss, not the vendor.


The Zeiss Victory FL 10X42 may not be one of the less expensive models, priced at $1,899.99, but customers find it’s worth the price even if it’s more than they hoped to spend. This makes it one of the more popular models made by Zeiss. They are a full size model of binoculars with a field of view of 330 ft. at 100 yd. It makes use of the roof prism and the lenses are environmentally friendly thin, fully multi-coated and have the best light transmission of similar binoculars.

They are waterproof and have the Zeiss LotuTec coating, a special coating that repels water, and are filled with nitrogen to prevent fogging. The eyepieces have a high eye-point and a wide lens with a 16mm eye relief, making it good even for eyeglass wearers. It comes with adjustable eye cups, a carrying case, a neck strap and an eyepiece rainguard.