The Best Binocular Cases in 2017

The Best Binocular Cases in 2017

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Who knew there were so many options for binocular cases? We’ve covered them all for you, from soft, simple wraps to hard, heavy duty, lockable cases. The most important thing about buying a binocular case is to buy one! Protect your optics, and you’ll prolong their life. It doesn’t make sense to spend money on something and then leave it vulnerable to scratches and dents. Check out all the binocular cases available and find the one that suits your model, and your style.

Finding the best binocular case depends on two main things: the type of binoculars you have, and how protective you are of your investment. Price is also a factor, but you’ll find that most binocular cases are very affordable while offering a lot of utility and convenience.


The case that protects your binoculars while giving you the quickest and easiest access to them isn’t a case at all. It’s a wrap. One popular wrap is made from durable neoprene material, the same material wetsuits are made from.

This makes the wrap soft, and provides cushioning to your binoculars, but it also means the wrap is water resistant, but not waterproof. Look for a wrap with a magnetic fastener, which is much quieter than Velcro, so you won’t scare any wildlife away when you open the wrap. Binocular wraps are fairly inexpensive, usually selling for around $20.


Offering a bit more protection is a binocular pouch. Most pouches have a waist strap to allow quick and convenient access to your binoculars, and feature a built-in rainguard. To remove your binoculars, you simply fold back the top flap. No noisy clasps or fasteners, to scare away birds or other wildlife. Some pouches are available in a camouflage pattern that will help you blend into the outdoor surroundings. The soft, pliable material doesn’t offer much protection against potential bumps and dings, but it’s a great, inexpensive way to carry your binoculars and give them some protection against the elements. A pouch also costs around $20, so you can get a bit more protection than a wrap for the same amount of money.


If a simple wrap or pouch isn’t enough for you, step up to a case. Cases are usually harder than wraps or pouches, so they are sturdier and offer more protection.

Some case exteriors are made from cordura nylon, like the Eagle Optics 50mm binocular case, which stands up very well to wear and tear. The interior provides soft, padded protection for your binoculars. Many cases have a belt loop attachment that easily slips over belts or backpack straps. Look for a quick-release buckle system stays fastened until you are ready to open it so there’s no need to worry about your binoculars accidentally falling out should you take a tumble. Cases range in price from $20 to $25.


Moving up a bit in price, but offering more storage space and protection is a binocular bag, something like the Steiner Binobag, which features a cordura nylon exterior, soft interior, quick-release buckle clasp, and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. The strap will come in handy for a bag made to carry binoculars ranging in size from 6×30 to 8×30 to 7×35. You can also find binocular bags the will accommodate long barrel models measuring 9×40 up to 12×40. Their boxy construction ensures ample room and sturdy protection for any model they fit. Binocular bags sell for anywhere from $24 to $30.

You can get an even more durable binocular case made from tough plastic, with a soft interior that will cradle your optics. Hard cases usually have extra space inside to store small accessories, or even to carry your ID and keys, with a middle separator to keep anything from scratching up the binoculars. They’re very affordable, usually selling for around $25.


Now, if you’re super serious about your binoculars and fanatical about protecting them, or if you own large binoculars and travel a lot, then a premium case is for you. One we like is the Vanguard Supreme Waterproof Storage Case, which is available in two sizes—42mm and 50mm. It comes with customizable foam so you can get just the right fit for your binocular model, plus an accessory or two. It’s not only waterproof, it’s watertight and airtight to a depth of five meters—a great feature if you use your binoculars while boating.

If it doesn’t let water or air in, you can be certain your binoculars won’t get dusty inside this fortress, either. It offers resistance to weights up to 265 pounds, and temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to 203 degrees F, so travel from the Antarctic to the Sahara with your binoculars and rest easy. The case also has padlock receptacles to keep your investment safe, but the quick-release latches make the case easy to open. The 42mm case is affordable at a cost of $59.99, while the 50mm case still doesn’t break the bank at $99.99.

Whatever brand or model of binoculars you own, a case is a necessity. Even if you didn’t spend much on a pair of binoculars, the better you care for them, the longer they’ll last.